• Pharmaceutical and Device Sales

    Beijing WeiZaoZhiTong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical equipment sales company under the group, which takes advanced technology as the starting point and integrates domestic and foreign innovative resources.

  • Health Care

    Dowell Zhikang Care Service Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the group, partnering with many hospitals and elderly care institutions across the country, serve as off campus training and teaching bases, internship bases and employment units to receive professional talents.

  • Medical Service

    Dowell Zhenchun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the Group, undertakes the Group's medical service business, including the Sino US joint venture "Dowell East – West Internet Hospital" and the medical service software "Medlinc without boundaries".

  • Asian Lung Health Center

    The Asian Lung Health Center (Forest Hospital) under Dowell Group is located in Yunnan. It is a truly "forest hospital", which uses the unique local climate conditions and relies on the doubled forest air anion and forest plant essence resources at the golden altitude to achieve the purpose of naturally regulating the human nervous system, promoting blood circulation, improving metabolism and improving immunity.

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