A delegation led by the leaders of Xishan District, Kunming City visited the "Zhenhua 1958 Park" for research and guidance.

2024-01-26 16:29:54 DOWELL 50

On January 26, 2024, a delegation led by Zhuang Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Xishan District Party Committee, He Jianping, Deputy District Mayor of Xishan District, Ao Jun, Secretary of the Jinbi Street Party Working Committee, Shen Fengsheng, Director of the Xishan District Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Fu Yuena, Deputy Secretary of the Jinbi Street Party Working Committee, visited the "Zhenhua 1958 Park" project of Shanghai Dowell Group for field guidance and investigation. Chen Cunwu, Chairman of Dowell Group, reported on the planning of the cultural and creative park, Dowell Group's strategic layout in Yunnan, as well as the progress of park construction and operation. The leaders of the district government put forward suggestions for the "Zhenhua 1958 Park" project, emphasizing the hope that Dowell Group would remain true to its original aspiration, uphold its ideals, and establish the first truly meaningful "cultural and creative park" in Kunming, making more positive contributions to the construction and development of Xishan District.


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